Life Series

My Life Series was born from asking the impossible question: Why do humans brutalize each? We have a long history with cruelty throughout time. I wanted to explore what this looks like in this series. I also wanted to contrast this by portraying the joys that humans may experience through life; the unguarded moments where love and innocence rise to the top. So I have been weaving back and forth between the simple joy of life and the wreckage we have created from the beginning of time. Recently, it has seemed like there’s an avalanche of brutality that feels like it’s bound to bury us in hatred. On the other hand, I’ve learned that there is much contentment in simple things; creating art and music, enjoying family, having pets that I love, and looking for friends everywhere I go. There’s a lot to work with here, and I’ve enjoyed the ride it’s taking me on. I believe that we don’t always get to know the true answers to our deepest questions, but in pondering these questions, we grow wiser for our curiosity and deeper for our love.your paragraph here.

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