American Music Series

In this series, I am attempting to honor my musical influences. Because I write and play roots blues, a mixture of Texas and Mississippi styles, most of the musicians represented in these artworks come from those genres, with a few jazz and rock performers as well. There is a definite folk art vibe to these pieces. It has been an exciting series for me, as I have found beauty in the faces of the musicians and a deeper connection to their music and the stories of their lives which has enriched both my music and art. A lot of these pieces are entitled using the name of a song, with the artist who wrote or performed the song in parenthesis. Also my love of the guitar is in play here; whether by representing the types of guitars used by the artists, the use of found objects that are fragments from broken guitars that represent the shape or details of the instrument, or an expressionist use of more abstract shapes that suggest the guitar.  I have employed different media in the creation of these pieces, including unpulled monoprints, painting, collage, and found object assemblages.

blues slide guitar
cool man playing guitar
blues slide guitar cool man playing guitar