Illustrations From the Book of Horse

In this series, I'm making illustrations for an imaginary reference book on all things horse. So initially I have the creation of the horse character, Lucky 32 (The fastest racehorse of 1932), which happened in a totally spontaneous way,  as did a scrap of wood with a rusty nail that became a spontaneous portrait of a man with a hat, smoking: Antonio Staccacio (aka Tony Staccato and, Sir Anthony Stock). Many of the pieces illustrate the adventures and mishaps of these and other characters that have developed along the way.  I also did pieces that illustrate the birth of the first horse, pieces that refer to Texas horse culture, pieces that illustrate a second rate Wild West show, and pieces that illustrate the coming of the automobile and the reaction of horses and riders to its arrival. While these scenes are fictional, they are closely related to our reality; pulled from history and my family's Texas experience, sourced from my elders.  Many of these stories involve humor, while others connect the past with the ever changing world we live in. Also the horse is an animal that could be very unpredictable and can be, literally, a very down-to-earth endeavor, getting a horse to cooperate with you, let alone getting it to help you master your world. I think I tend to want to portray the horse with an innocence or maybe an ignorance of the reality of the actual beast. I could say that I'm depicting the myth of the horse as the game changer it was to ancient man. More likely I'm capturing the vague rendering of something that most of us now have very little experience with in our current lives.

horse and cowboy
horse made from guitar
horse and cowboy horse made from guitar